Romeo Dallaire’s Katie Lafosse is “YouTube Famous”

Posted On Tuesday October 29, 2019
Katie Lafosse
And this is my story... Episode 11 featuring Katie Lafosse

We’re so proud to pass along to you that our own Kindergarten Teacher Katie Lafosse is the subject of the DDSB’s monthly video series “And This Is My Story.” The video series is produced by the DDSB and promotes Equity and Engagement through real life storytelling. In her episode, our amazing Katie speaks of growing up with Cerebral Palsy, and how it has shaped her as a daughter, mother, friend and educator.


Any of you parents, guardians, students or colleagues must already know just how incredible Katie is. But we encourage you to watch this episode here to find out even more.


Well done Katie! We’re so happy to have you bringing all that you bring to Romeo Dallaire.